Activity week 5 #ocTEL

The project was research on student audio presentations

The stakeholders were the 3 researchers, the University in terms of understanding value of student presentations, and eventually wider teaching and learning scientific community

The resources used were Bb (LMS), student’s own devices for making audio recording to upload to Bb, material sourced from set textbook on physiology.

The clarity of the project plan was somewhat unclear. in fact we are still working to understand the implications for the scientific community on student readiness and practice in science for making presentations.

The fallback position was to present at a conference (stepping stone really which was achieved), and then next stage was further surveying for greater numbers.

Evaluation, was really based on outcomes: did we have make the conference presentation, have we written the paper, have we submitted it to a journal?

We measured success by our gut feeling if we had done enough

In terms of celebration, we had some laurels from the conference presentation, and great discussion among the 3 authors and are still working together, which is great.

Overall the project really was like a self-working magic card trick — we didn’t plan for its success, we just did it and it worked out (or is still working out). On reflection, we probably would begin it with some more reasonable aims and objectives in place if we started it again now.


3 thoughts on “Activity week 5 #ocTEL

  1. Activity 5.1 #ocTEL why projects fail
    Key successes
    – completion of surveying two cohorts of students in their perceptions of audio presentations
    – presentation of conference paper at ascilite, (with some great feedback)
    – third cohort of student surveys

    Key failures
    – lack of identification of real question for topic of journal paper
    – change in people working on the project and associated downtime
    – lack of production (so far) of the journal paper beyond initial draft

  2. Activity 5.2 #ocTEL Risk assessment
    Category: management/resources
    condition: A risk that the project will lose direction and momentum.
    cause: by the lack of time to effectively lead the project and lack of resources to do that job
    resulting in: a floundering of the project and difficulty to kick start it agin, or make multiple attempts at restarting
    Likelihood: 4
    Impact: 3
    RAG status: Red/amber
    Risk management approach: (with benefit of hindsight) start project with clearer direction and proper structure to manage it overall, with milestones and clearly articulated goals
    Early warning signs: lack of productive meetings, lack of interim milestones

  3. #ocTEL A really honest appraisal! In my experience people sometimes gloss over the truth, perhaps to ‘save face’ or justify project funding. I suspect the reality is more often as you describe. It’s great that you evaluated student perceptions of audio presentations. Question: are you going to continue?

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