Activity Week 6 #ocTEL

Only do one thing (first thing) enhancement (sounds a bit like the game of life: education or job 🙂

Regarding the xMOOC and cMOOC offerings:

The xMOOC style is probably good for material that can be found in many places with minimal interaction. The benefit of this model is effectively ‘curating’ the material so that learners can find it and put an envelope around it. In some ways, it might be like so many other styles of university learning. You listen to the lectures, do the exam and bingo — you’re now enlightened. It is cheap, largely automated and self-sustaining. Cashing in on available resources where they can be found and utilised.

Problems are that is is largely devoid of the requirement to interact with other students. Sure many or some will want interaction as in the f2f offering, but many are happy to plug along without the interaction. I think that where the interaction is important for students or the understanding of the content, then this model won’t work well.

the cMOOC style is much more about learners interacting. While some material and referencing is required (seeding), a large amount of the work and learning takes place outside of the ‘lecture’ or other formal bits, inside the discussions, postings, tweets etc (much like has happened with #ocTEL). 

The downside of this is that if you have limited time, there may not always be a convenient time to engage and it may not always be the most applicable way to kern within a context.



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