#ocTEL activity 6.2

Big and Little questions:

my original posting
from Jiscmail list: After a week of “trying to get there” yes something called life keeps moving itself up the priority list My hopes for the octel course and what I think is important for me is “trying out technology” for the sake of the learning experience for my students. I’m generally not afraid to adopt/adapt try and either keep and refine or just dump things in this space. Perhaps I give myself permission to be totally unlike the rest of my ordered existence!

Probably many unexpected things have happened. First of all, I am using a blog to post thoughts and also twitter occasionally. I think I may encourage students/learners to do this as well in the future (with an appropriate hashtag). We will aggregate and share, or get them to actively look for the hashtag to enhance their learning.

Second,#ocTEL has given me the space and need to go looking for things, and I have seen many useful resources that I can tap into or build upon (taking care to respect the creative commons and appropriate use).


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